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Phone our friendly reception staff on 9848 1322 to make an appointment

After hours emergencies

  • Read our web section on Accidents and Trauma for advice
  • The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne on 1300 360 054 (country callers can call 1800 833 039) Weekends and public holidays 9:00 am to 9:15 pm\r\n

    Outside of the above times, please contact the emergency department of a hospital near you

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At Doncaster Dental Group our philosophy is simple.
We treat everyone as our families and friends, with caring dentistry.

About us

We would very much like
to welcome you and invite you to be cared for by our friendly team.

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Dental Health Week

Dental Health Week
5 Aug to 11 Aug 2019
Back to basics - because it is the little things that have the biggest effect.

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Toothpaste and myths

Toothbrushing and mouthwash myths.
Ask us and facebook!

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Growing teenagers

We know your kids.
Because our committment is to continuity - great records, great memories, safe places. We know you wont settle for less!

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Doncaster Dental is renown for quality care in the greater Doncaster region. - Family orientated


Doncaster Dental


Our Dentists +

Dr Brendan Moore BDSc
Dr Daniel Tong BDSc(Hons)
Ms. Kate Jolly BOH
Ms. Theresa Tran-Nguyen BOH