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Dentist for Balwyn community seeking advance cosmetic treatment

Doncaster Dental is a long-established business servicing the local and surrounding areas.  Our modern and recently renovated clinic at 838 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, offers all the most advanced materials and technology available. Many residents in Balwyn prefer us to a Balwyn dentist as we offer wheelchair access, free onsite parking and close proximity to Doncaster Shoppingtown and Eastern freeway.
Our friendly team at Doncaster Dental have a wealth of experience and offer a wide range of dental skills with ongoing training, to offer our clients the best dental treatments available. Each patient is unique and treated with care, we will always strive to make each appointment a pain free experience.

Our Dental Services Include:
Preventative Dentistry – Doncaster Dental offer professional and inexpensive dentistry. Early detection and prevention can be the best investment for keeping your teeth.
Root Canal Therapy -  Infected teeth can sometimes be saved by treatments of gentle root canal therapy.
Periodontal Therapy –  Scaling and root planning is the first step in treating periodontal disease.
Orthodontic Therapy –  Some orthodontic therapy is performed at Doncaster Dental. We use the six month braces technique (sixmonthbraces.com). Specialist referrals to an orthodontist can be arranged if required.

Cosmetic Dentistry -   We can achieve a lovely cosmetic result, with the latest techniques available.
Teeth Whitening -  We offer two types of methods for whitening teeth. A ninety minute rapid in-house treatment or an At Home Whitening Treatment over 20 days.
Crown & Bridge Dentistry – Doncaster Dental have the most up to date technology in crowns.  With the latest CEREC crowns, we can produce a lovely indirect ceramic restoration, and it only takes one appointment.
Oral Surgery – Minor oral surgery, including the removal of some wisdom teeth, is performed on site.  If a specialist oral surgeon is required a referral can be arranged.
Treatment for Night Time Grinding – The symptoms of tooth loss from grinding can be  slowed down through a night guard.
Mouthguards – Properly fitted to protect teeth from injury.

If you are looking for a Balwyn dentist, Consider Doncaster Dental, our location is accessible to Balwyn, Doncaster, Box Hill, Bulleen, Surrey Hills, Templestowe and Mitcham suburbs.  Phone our friendly staff today on 9848 1322 who will assist you with all your dental requirements.

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At Doncaster Dental Group our philosophy is simple.
We treat everyone as our families and friends, with caring dentistry.

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Doncaster Dental is renown for quality care in the greater Doncaster region. - Family orientated

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