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Treatment of OSA and Sleep Apnoea


Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a serious condition in which the sufferer stops breathing during sleep due to a completely blocked airway, sometimes for up to a minute at a time. OSA causes fragmented and poor quality sleep, and should be treated by a qualified specialist physician. Almost everyone who has OSA also snores. The vibration of the soft tissues causes the snoring sound as air passes through. Here at Doncaster Dental we work closely with specialist sleep physicians to help manage both OSA and snoring. We use a custom-fitted simple two-piece appliance that repositions the jaw and throat tissue so that airway space is greatly increased. The improved airflow reduces and often eliminates snoring thereby allowing a more restful sleep. The positioner snaps easily over both upper and lower teeth and is highly effective.

Note: Sleep aponea and sleep apnea are the same thing. Sleep apnea is the USA spelling and in Australia we more commonly use sleep apnoea!


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