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Gummy Smiles

Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

Gummy Smiles is a term used to describe an excess amount of gum tissue being visible when a person smiles. A display of gingival tissue of more than 4mm above your teeth can be considered a Gummy Smile. A gummy smile can be localised amongst a few teeth or or be visible across.

Aside from being a condition that can impact the confidence to smile, Gummy smiles may also be associated with poor oral health, putting the person at risk of inflamed gums or painful gums, along with gum disease.

Some primary causes of Gummy Smiles includes:

  • Genetics & Anatomy - For a large portion of patients who suffer with gummy smiles, their genetics is the cause. This can be a result of having a larger jaw, smaller teeth or even a shorter upper lip.
  • Altered Tooth Eruption - Tooth eruption is the process of teeth pushing their way through the gums and appearing in the mouth. For permanent teeth this usually happens around the age of 6. This can cause a person to have gummy smiles due to one or more teeth not fully erupting into the mouth.
  • Side Effect of Medication - Certain medications can cause gummy smiles, these include some immunosuppressants, some epilepsy medication and head disease medication.

At Doncaster Dental our highly experienced dentists offer a effective treatment for gummy smiles. This includes Gum Lift treatment. During a gum lift our expert dentists will carefully sculpt the gums around your front teeth to give them attractive arches and definition. Learn more about Gum Lift Treatment.

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