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CEREC® Stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. The Experienced Dentists at Doncaster Dental use the latest CEREC technology to create the perfect dental crown – made possible using Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAM & CAD) Technology. This advanced CEREC technology allows our dentists to achieve an ideal fit and shade quickly.

This makes the dental restoration process quick while maintaining a very high standard and quality. As a result a tooth restoration can sometimes be completed within a single visit.

  1. Primescan for Digital Impressions
    Our expert dental team makes use of a primescan intraoral 3D scanner to create a digital impression of your gums and teeth. With its Smart Pixel Sensor and the dynamic depth scan technology, it captures up to 20mm in depth and 50,000 images per second. These digital impressions are done in a matter of minutes and transferred to the computer. The 3D Primescan technology means no more sticky and gooey uncomfortable impressions.

  2. Producing the 3d Printed Crown
    The captured images are transferred to a computer and with CEREC software. Which then creates a 3D printed crown.
  3. Cap Dental Milling
    The tooth restoration is then quickly milled from a ceramic block within the CEREC machine.
  4. Dental Crown Set in Place
    This is the final step, done by your friendly & caring dentist at Doncaster Dental. The crown is set in place to ensure a precise and comfortable fit.
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