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Gum Lifts

Welcome to Doncaster Dental, where we redefine smiles with our state-of-the-art gum lift services. If you’re seeking a radiant smile, improved confidence, and personalised care, you’re in the right place.

Gum Contouring and Gum Transplants are two types of gum lift treatments used to restore a patient’s gum line. Gum Contouring involves removal of excess gum tissue (a treatment for gummy smiles) while Gum Transplants add more gumline to your teeth (a treatment for receding gums). Our highly experienced team offer both types of gum lift treatment.

Gum contouring is the ideal treatment if you are in need of reshaping your gum line, gum contouring isn’t always a medically required procedure although it can help enhance your smile. During your initial consultation our dentists will assess your suitability for treatment while providing recommendations based on your individual case.

We have a visiting anaesthetist so we can conduct treatment in house with minimal pain and discomfort. Our dentists will mark out your new gum line and use a high precision laser and/or scalpel to remove excess gum tissue.

In cases where a patient is experiencing receding gum line, our dentists may recommend a gum transplant. Receding gums if left untreated pose a risk of gum disease developing or even the complete loss of teeth.

A Gum transplant is the process of adding more gum tissue to your existing gum line. In some cases our dentists may graft gum tissue from another part of your body or from a donor. After this the tissue will be added to your gum line where a tooth or several teeth appear to be over exposed.

With a visiting anaesthetist, Doncaster Dental is able to offer both general and local anaesthetic to our patients. As a result of the anaesthetic the pain is minimal although you may experience minor discomfort. You may also be prescribed medication post treatment to help manage any pain.

We recommend consulting our dentists before undertaking any treatment to understand exactly what is involved during a gum lift, our expert dentists will also determine suitability.
If you are interested in Gum Lifts or would like to learn more about how to treat your gummy smile, get in touch with our friendly and caring team today! Call now on (03) 9848 1322.

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